Custom Additions in Annapolis, MD

Emory Construction understands that your home is your castle, but even castles need a little expansion or renovation now and then. There are lots of reasons to make alterations, and our custom additions in Annapolis, MD, can serve you well for all of them. Whether you’re welcoming a new member to the family, want to add an upgrade, or need a place to entertain guests, we offer a variety of services to meet your needs and desires.

We take the time to discover just what you want from your home additions, then keep you involved through the whole process. No detail is too small and no project too big for our experienced builders. We’re committed to your satisfaction from beginning to end. Here are the services we have to offer include:

  • Custom Home
  • Whole House Remodel or Additions
  • Kitchen Remodel
  • Bathroom Remodel
  • Decks

Affordable Whole Home Remodels

While many renovations focus on one part, there are times when the whole house needs updating. However, you might not have the budget for that. That’s okay; our design team is well-versed in creating a master plan for your home that you can smartly realize in phases over the years—or just go for it and get it all done now. Our carpenters are master craftspeople that understand how to create a dust-free space for you while we work our magic.

Home Additions: Build-Up, Build-Out, or Both?

You’re probably going to need more elbow room to fit the whole family at some point. The dining room might have gotten too small to host the holiday feast. Maybe the kitchen has become too tight to fit all of the many mouths to feed. Alternatively, maybe it’s time for the kids to have their own rooms.

We have fashioned kitchen additions with a master suite above and created spaces for parents to live with plenty of privacy. The options are endless, even when the budget isn’t. We can show you the plethora of possibilities that work for you. Our whole-house remodel and custom additions services include:

  • Bump-outs and Kitchen Additions
  • Master Planning to Complete Whole-House Remodels in Phases
  • Redesigning Homes for Children, Aging in Place, and Accessibility
  • Relocation of Stairs and Entryways
  • Dormers to add Space for a New Bathroom or Master Suite
  • Gut Renovations of Newly Acquired Property
  • Partial and Full Second-story Additions

The right addition makes all the difference. Contact our Emory associates to learn what’s possible for your home.

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